20+ Unbelievable Secrets The Producers Of “Grease” Hid From Fans

Rizzo’s “Hickeys from Kenickie” Were Real!

Those hickeys weren’t the work of a skilled makeup artist, they were authentic and given to the actress by Jeff Conaway, (who played Kenickie)! The actor insisted the marks be real.

Coach Calhoun Almost Got Raunchy

Harry Reems, star of the 1972 adult film “Deep Throat” was originally cast in the role of Coach Calhoun. Wow, things almost got super greasy on set!


Cast Members Got Really Sick After Filming

After the drag racing scene, many cast members got sick because the water was stagnant and filled with contaminated bacteria.

John Travolta Almost Lost The Part Of Danny

Henry Winkler–who played Fonzie on “Happy Days”–was offered the role of Danny Zuko. Winkler turned down the part though because he felt the character was too similar to Fonzie.