This Year Male Sex Robots With Bionic Penises Will Be Available Company States

Realbotix, a Sexbot company, stated that a male sex robot will be released soon and it comes with a “bionic penis” which would put a vibrator to shame.

Realbotix CEO Matt McMullen said that 2018 is the target date for the company’s release of the male sexbot. Last week McMullen told Daily Star Online that both male and female platforms will be available eventually.

The male robot will have an electrical connection where it can be plugged in and go for a very long time and in terms of penis size, there will be unlimited options. The body of the male sex dolls would be very similar to the ones currently produced by sister company RealDoll.

To date, Realbotix only promotes “Harmony” which is an artificial intelligence application that is going to sync with the female robot’s head. Bugs have delayed the system from being released last year. Even so, McMullen is hopeful that the male version will be available by year’s end. He said to The Start that they are diligently working on it and it’s one of the next major projects they want to get off the ground.


McMullen stated that the urgency for a male sex robot is actually about equality. He said to The Star that the company has an equal interest in producing both female and male versions. People don’t like that we have only produced a female robot to date and they have made accusations that we are objectifying women, however, people need to understand that it is much more than a simple sex toy. According to McMullen, women are interested in more than just sex from the male robots, they also see them as companions that they can have a conversation and interact with.

McMullen’s optimism isn’t shared by everyone. As per Kyle Machulis developer at teledildonics, today’s sexbots are way off of the real thing. When it comes to fidelity in sex toys, they are not close at all, not in any specific marketplace concerning robots, Machulis said to Motherboard recently. He went on to say that there’s much technology that isn’t available at this point that we’ll have to pull this off in the manner consumers think about when they imagine sexbots. In fact, at this time, even Harmony is simply a robotically-animated face on a limp body.

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