20+ Unbelievable Secrets The Producers Of “Grease” Hid From Fans

The Film Was Almost Shot Drastically Differently

The film was almost shot solely in animation, and you may never have gotten to see a live-person at all. When the producers and directors decided against the idea, they made the credits animated as a nod to the notion.

There’s A Scene That Honors Highly Celebrated Entertainment Icons

Can you think of a group who Sonny (Michael Tucci), Doody (Barry Pearl) and Putzie (Kelly Ward) resemble? The guys asked the director to play tribute to The Three Stooges, and it was added into the film during the bonfire scene.


Jeff Conaway Came Up With That Non-Hug

Right before the street race, Danny and Kenickie hug, then quickly comb their hair and look away like they never hugged it out at all. Jeff Conaway was the one who had the idea to blow off the embrace because he insisted two guys would have never have hugged in the 50s.

Sandra Dee Didn’t Fit In The Costume

For the carnival scene at the end, Olivia Newton-John had to be sewn into her pants: “They sewed me into those pants every morning for a week,” she said. “Believe me, I had to be very careful about what I ate and drank. It was excruciating… It was 106 degrees on the set for the carnival finale.”