Little Boy Sneaks Food

Little Boy Sneaks Food While He’s Supposed To Be Praying

Every night, for millions of families across the United States, when it comes time to sit down for dinner, it’s expected they take a moment to pray before eating. For some families, it’s a rhyme the children recite, and for others it’s the father or mother who says what they’re thankful for; no matter who is speaking, it’s always considered an important part of the dinner experience.

But while little William in this video certainly has a lot to be thankful for, he just seems to be a bit too hungry to make it all the way through his sister saying grace. It seems like this adorable little boy has a bit of trouble keeping his patience, so much so that his parents have noticed this before and were smart enough to film him in the middle of his act!

Little William starts off well enough, keeping his hands together to pray; but with everyone else’s eyes closed, he thinks he’s being sneaky! He tries to grab some stuffing to eat while no one is looking. And when he gets caught once, he quickly goes back to praying, but when he opens his eyes and sees that delicious-looking piece of corn? You almost can’t blame the little guy.

Have you ever been that hungry before? It’s great to see that this family is taking care of their little baby, and we’re sure he’ll eventually get how to do things right. But for the moment? It’s time to eat! We love William’s sister’s gasp of utter shock when she opens her eyes!

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little boy sneaks food


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