16 Classic Drinking Games

Drinking games are awesome for so many reasons! They serve as an icebreaker when, inevitably, the first people who show up at your party are those friends of friends you’ve met like one and a half times. Drinking games make for a great option when it’s raining and you can’t hit the bars. And they make spilling beer on the floor totally acceptable. I could go on and on about how great drinking games are, but let’s just jump into 16 of our favorite ones:

1) Beer Pong

Quite possibly the first game that comes to mind when you think of drinking games. It’s also very likely the first drinking game you ever played. While the concept is simple, beer pong makes for one of the most competitive and addicting games of them all.

Check out the rules for beer pong here at BPONG

2) Flip Cup

Another classic drinking game. Flip cup is a great game to get the competitive juices flowing and to see how your friends perform under pressure (yeah, anchor, we are looking at you). Flip cup is also a great way to get everyone (or at least a good amount) of the pre-game involved. Beer pong is great and all, but having to wait an hour to play can get a little old. The solution? Have simultaneous games of beer pong and flip cup! That way, everyone wins.

Here are the flip cup rules from the 2013 World Series of Flip Cup (seems pretty official to us).

Match up ladies and gents!

3) Quarters

Quarters is one of the most well known drinking games of all time. While it may not be the most exciting one on this list, it’s definitely one of the most played. This probably has something to do with how embarrassing it can be when you first try to play. Once a newbie gets the hang of it, they’ll be the first to suggest playing so they can show off their extremely useful new skill – or so they can finally make fun of someone else for sucking.

Here’s how you play quarters

4) Slap Cup (aka Gonzo)

Slap cup is a bit of a sleeper. It isn’t the most well known game, but it quickly becomes a favorite of those who discover it. The odds are incredibly high you will walk away from Slap Cup covered in booze (and it’s totally worth it), making it perfect for when you aren’t planning on going out to the bars. And this game will even turn the most laid back of people into competitive animals. Great for a close group of friends, as well as breaking the ice with new ones.

This game is easier learned in-person, but these guys do a decent job of laying down the slap cup rules.

5) Beer Ball

When you’re feeling extremely competitive and you have some energy to burn, beer ball should be your go-to. Beer ball is a demanding sport, requiring accuracy, speed, agility and cat-like reflexes… oh, and the ability to crush beer in as little time as possible.

Learn how to play beer ball here

6) Circle of Death / Kings Cup

Circle of Death (aka King’s Cup, Ring of Fire, and a bunch of other names) is a great drinking game for a big group. Circle of Death isn’t the best game if you’re looking to really get your drink on, but it’s a great early night game.

Here are the Circle of Death rules

Here’s another way to end a round (other than drawing the 4th King): Put a full, unopened beer can in the middle of the cards. After you draw a card, place the corner of it underneath the beer tab. Whoever places their card and “cracks open” the beer drinks the whole thing. Then, grab a new beer and start a new round!


7) Thumper

Ah, Thumper… simply a classic drinking game. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than sitting in a circle with a bunch of drunks while exchanging ridiculous hand signals.

In fact, it saddens me that Thumper is restricted to just being a drinking game. It should be a “play whenever you happen to find yourself sitting around a table with a bunch of people” kind of game.

And I’m talking about anytime. Stuck in a meeting at work? Strike up the Thumper chant! Out to dinner at a 4 star restaurant? “What’s the name of the game??!!” Honestly, you don’t even need a table. Starting up a game of Thumper during a boring college lecture would be f*cking hilarious.

And here are the rules to Thumper

8) Chandelier

While Chandelier may not be the most exciting game, it’s a good option if you have a small group and/or you’re running low on solo cups or ping pong balls. And let’s face it… sometimes you just don’t want to move all that much while drinking. Just don’t get caught sleeping when someone hits the middle cup.

Here’s how you play Chandelier.

I like how they point out that the game is over once everyone is too wasted to play anymore. Apparently that’s the only way for this game to end… good luck.

9) Power Hour

A great way to incorporate jammin’ out while consuming way too much alcohol. 60 songs, each one a minute long, and you do a shot of beer after each one.

There’s also this badass chick, Ali Spagnola, who puts on an amazing Power Hour concert (and she wrote all 60 of her songs). That’s right. An actual show where the whole point is to rage out while playing Power Hour with a ton of other people! We just think this is cool. Check Ali’s site out here..

10) Flip, Sip, or Strip

For when you’re feeling a little kinky. And as you see above, things may get a little weird…

Here’s how you play.

11) Case Race

The name says it all. Quite simply, you and your two partners are racing against the other teams of 3 to finish your case of beer as fast as possible (shotgunning, beer bonging or whatever other method of consumption is totally fine).

What seems like the best idea ever typically ends up as a very short night for the “best” players on each team.

12) Asshole

Asshole is one of the best [drinking] card games of all time. It takes a bit of strategy and is a little more complex than other games, but it is definitely worth it. And honestly, whether you’re the President or the Asshole, you still end up feeling like a winner.

The rules of Asshole.

13) Landmines

Another great game that allows for some strategery. And my advice to you, switch up your flicking finger from time to time.

Here’s how you play Landmines.

14) Kentucky Derby

For when you can’t make it to the actual Kentucky Derby, just play the drinking game version of it. And while you’re at it, feel free to get dressed up in some good ol’ fashion Kentucky Derby attire. If your friends are anything like mine, it won’t take too long before you start seriously thinking you’re betting on the real thing.

Allow me to present the rules to Kentucky Derby.

15) Pass the Pitcher

(That’s all you, buddy.)

For some reason I’ve never played this game. Probably because I can’t stand drinking after people. Nonetheless, the thought of people playing Pass the Pitcher at a bar cracks me up. It would be especially funny if people were playing this during the middle of the day… on a Tuesday.

If you ever do, please send us a picture! It would make us very happy.

Pass the Pitcher is about as simple as it gets, but in order for it to be a game it has to have some rules. How else would you decide who has to buy the next round?

16) Beer Olympics

I wanted to end this list strong with a truly magical drinking game – Beer Olympics. I highly recommend you train for this one. And there really is no better way to train than by playing all the drinking games on this list! Master them all, and then, and only then, are you ready to take on the Beer Olympics.

Feel free to choose whichever events you want, but the Beer Olympics put together by BroBible is a pretty solid place to start.

That wraps up our list of 16 of the best drinking games ever. There are plenty more great games that we had to leave off the list, but definitely let us know which drinking games make it on your list!


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