20+ Unbelievable Secrets The Producers Of “Grease” Hid From Fans

“Grease” is one of our all-time favorites, regardless of how many times we’ve seen it. Check out these insane facts about the filming of the movie, the cast, and the characters that you had no idea about!

One Of The Cast Members Doesn’t Have A Dance Scene

Marty, played by Dinah Manoff, has no rhythm and can’t dance. That’s the reason she doesn’t participate in any dance numbers.


One Of The Most Iconic Scenes Took Only An Afternoon To Film!

I don’t know about you but, this is one of my favorite scenes from the whole movie. I can’t believe it only took one afternoon to film.


Someone Had To Dye Her Hair For The Role

Jamie Donnelly, “Jan” was already starting to get grey hair when she took on the part for “Grease.” To play the part of a high school student, she had to dye her hair dark brown.

Kenickie Had A Thing For Sandy!

Kenickie had a thing for Sandy. Kind of…Jeff Conaway was seriously smitten with Olivia Newton-John during filming. He later married her sister. I’m willing to bet, their tricky dynamic made for a couple of cringe-worthy conversations at family reunions.