23 Dads Who Really Didn’t Think Things Through

1. This dad who should’ve known better and was then put on blast.

2. This dad who needs a beer right about now.

3. The dad who should’ve realized that this store wasn’t exactly kid-friendly.

4. This dad who thought things were OK sooner than he should’ve.

5. The dad who walked away for one minute.

6. This dad who should’ve grabbed a cart on the way in.

7. This dad who gave his kid yogurt and then walked away.

8. The dad who should’ve kept the muffins out of reach.

9. The other dad who walked away for one minute.

10. This dad who is still figuring out the whole texting thing.

11. This dad and his chocolate mousse.

12. The dad who is going to throw his phone across the room by 2:24.

13. The dad who thought he could match his daughter’s left braid with her right one.

14. The dad who thought getting this onesie on would be no big deal.

15. This dad who needs to brush up on his nursery rhymes.

16. This dad who jumped the gun.

17. This dad who overlooked a few things.

18. The dad who thought toddlers and geese were a good mix.

19. This dad who was just trying to impress his daughter with his fancy footwork.

20. The dad who should’ve paid attention when proper cloth diapering was explained.

21. The dad who accidentally ordered toddler shoes for his not-at-all-a-toddler daughter.

22. This dad who should not have gone down the toy aisle.

23. And finally, this dad who had one job.