10+ Dads Before and After They Claimed They Didn’t Want the Dogs in Their Lives

It’s never an easy decision to make to open up your home to a new pet, especially if there’s a member of the family who isn’t that interested. That would be you, dad. It barely took any time at all for these wonderful pups to make dog lovers out of their reluctant masters though.

Many people who say they don’t like dogs will have a million reasons they don’t like them, but we believe everyone just needs the right dog in their lives. This is just what happened to all the dads your about to meet and their pups. No matter if they disagreed with a certain size or breed of dog, or were just insistent that they didn’t want a pet at all, they each fell in love with their furry friends eventually.

Read through these triumphs in tail-wagging below and then share the story with someone who needs to be convinced how much they’ll love a dog “eventually”.


#1 And My Dad Said He Didn’t Want A Dog

#2 My Dad Didn’t Want Us To Get A Dog At First. I Found This Picture In His Room

#3 After My Dad Said “She’s Not Allowed On The Couch”

#4 My Dad Kept Griping “I Don’t Want A Dog!” This Is How I Find Them Napping

#5 My Dad Said He Didn’t Want An iPad Or A Dog

#6 My Dad Would Never Admit How Much He Loves Our Old Dog. But After Finding This Picture On His Phone, He Doesn’t Have To

#7 My Dad Really Didn’t Want A Dog, But Now Sometimes I Find Them Like This

#8 My Dad Was Originally Opposed To Us Getting A Dog.. I Think He Changed His Mind

#9 My Dad Who “Doesn’t Want Anything To Do With The Dog”

#10 He Said “I Don’t Want A Dog.” Then He Said “I Don’t Want A Second Dog.” Yeah Dad, Ok


#11 And Dad Said He Didn’t Want A Dog

#12 My Dad Makes A Big Deal About How Much He Hates Dogs…but I Always Seem To Catch Him Being Adorable With His Grandpups

#13 My Dad Has Always Been Adamant About Not Having Pets. I Brought This Little Guy Home Expecting A Shit Storm

#14 “If You Get It, It’s Your Dog. I Don’t Want A Damn Ankle Biter.” Ok Dad

#15 My Dad Didn’t Want The Dog In The House.. Now They Are Bffs

#16 “I’m Not A Dog Person”

#17 Dad Wasn’t Excited About Us Getting A Dog. Too Bad Puppy Fell In Love With Him

#18 My Dad Didn’t Like The Idea Of Getting A Dog. 15 Years Later They Are Best Friends And Completely Inseparable

#19 My Dad Insists He’s Not A Dog Person

#20 “I Don’t Even Want A Dog.” Ok Dad Sure


#21 My Dad Didn’t Want Me To Get A Dog, But Now He Treats Him Like A Baby. Rubs His Back Till He Falls Asleep

#22 And My Dad Said He Didn’t Like The Dog

#23 My Dad Didn’t Even Want The “Damn Dog”



#25 My Dad Always Said He Didn’t Want A Small Dog. He Just Gave Her A Bath And Loves Life

#26 My Dad Is The One Who Didn’t Want Me To Get Another Dog In The First Place

#27 When Your Dad Tries To Act Like He Doesn’t Like Your Dogs Because He Thinks They Smell, But Then Your Mom Sends You These Pics

#28 When I Moved Home A Year Ago, My Dad Said He Didn’t Want A Dog Because They Were Messy And Would Destroy The House. Now These Two Are Besties

#29 Dad Tries To Say He Doesn’t Like The Dogs… I Come Downstairs To This

#30 After 3 Years Of Saying He Would Never Get Another Dog. Meet My Dad’s Rescue Pup Grace

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