Woman Undergoes Surgery After Awkward Sex; Advises Couples to Avoid Mistake

We’ve all heard of terrifying stories over the years. We’ve seen x-rays on TV. We can clearly recall in the movie, “Jackass,” when one of its actors, Ryan Dunn, had a toy car shoved up his rear end.  Deep down, we all know that shoving anything in one’s body can lead it to get stuck. At some point, for good (gasp!).

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10+ Dads Before and After They Claimed They Didn’t Want the Dogs in Their Lives

It’s never an easy decision to make to open up your home to a new pet, especially if there’s a member of the family who isn’t that interested. That would be you, dad. It barely took any time at all for these wonderful pups to make dog lovers out of their reluctant masters though.

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Mother’s Day Candles (With A Twist)

Mother’s Day is coming up and you know what that means; it’s time to worry about what you’re going to get your beloved mother.

She brought you into this world, so she deserves something special, right? The problem is that so many Mother’s Day gifts can be so generic.

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