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Untouched Corners Of The Earth To Completely Abandon Civilization


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get back out to nature, to turn off the screens and step out of the AC. To be able to say that there’s literally no one around for miles.

I live for that, for finding myself alone on a beach, for traveling to the furthest corners of the planet to find places so remote that only a handful of people live there.

2.bp.blogspot.comThe now quite thoroughly abandoned site of Antarctic bases for Russian and British expeditions, Deception Island lies inside a volcano, making it a prime spot to study geothermal activity (for the handful of Argentinian and Spanish researchers who live there). The island sees the occasional tourist on the lookout for Chinstrap penguins, and those looking for the ability to dig themselves a volcanic bath in the sand virtually anywhere they feel like it.

North Sentinel Island

i.huffpost.comIn the Bay of Bengal, North Sentinel Island is the real-life version of those remote islands from the movies. Y’know, the ones where the adventurers come ashore and are instantly met by spear-toting warrior-tribesmen? The dozen or so reported cases of contact with the Sentinelese (most recently in 2004, when two fishermen were killed having washed up there) suggest that it’s exactly that. So, if you’re trying to leave a life of laptop luxury behind, it’s probably the best place you can go provided you can convince the Sentinelese to take you in. it has a permanent population of 0, Alert is the northernmost inhabited place on the planet. Just 500 miles away from the North Pole, Alert’s inhabitants all exist in a small pocket of the region, and consist of scientists monitoring the atmosphere and weather, and military personnel operating the military signals intelligence radio receiving facility there.

www.wondermondo.comAlso known as the Desolation Islands, the Kerguelen Islands rank as one of the most isolated places in the world. The total population of the 2,786 square miles of island fluctuates between 70-110 people, so it’s really easy not to bump into another person if you don’t want to.

Gangkhar Puensum Mountain, Bhutan

3.bp.blogspot.comA remote mountain (or triplet of mountains, actually) on the border between Bhutan and Tibet, Gangkhar Puensum is the highest point in Bhutan, and possibly the tallest mountain never summitted on the planet. Failed expedition after failed expedition went after the peak, and ultimately mountaineering in the region became completely forbidden. Few bother to make the trip to the mountain any more, making it a great place to ditch people all together.

Pitcairn Islands

canigetanotherbottleofwhine.comPopulated by the descendants of the famous mutineers of the Bounty, the Pitcairn Islands are largely uninhabitable, and therefore the island chain has a total population of about 56 on the main island of Pitcairn. The southernmost tip of French Polynesia, the Pitcairn islands are only accessible by boat, so they are rarely visited by outsiders (excluding the handful of tourists taking day-trips from one of the 10 cruise ships which pass through the region each year).

Tristan da Cunha, South Atlantic Ocean

3.bp.blogspot.comThe “most remote archipelago in the world,” Tristan de Cunha (population: 264) is a group of volcanic islands near South Africa. It takes a carefully planned 6 days by boat to reach the islands, and fewer ships are making the trek these days, so with getting there becoming increasingly difficult you can bet it’s going to remain practically untouched

Easter Island, Chile known as Rapa Nui, this island of giant-stone-head-acclaim is notably more populous than most equally remote places (for example, it ranks comparably to Tristan da Cunha, and the closest inhabited island is Pitcairn). Located over 2,000 miles off the coast of Chile, the island does see many times it’s population in visitors each year, but that’s about the extent of what actually makes it out there from the mainland.

Socotra Island, Yemen

lensible.comSituated among three other islands in the Indian Ocean, Socotra is the largest in the chain, and possibly the most unusual. With a third of the native flora unique to the island and found nowhere else, it’s landscape has earned it the title as one of “the most alien looking place[s] on Earth.”


Supai, Arizona

static.grindtv.comThe most remote community in the contiguous United States, the 208 residents of Supai still send and receive their snail mail by mule. Seriously.


South Keeling Islands, Australia

2.bp.blogspot.comAlso known as the Cocos islands, only 2 of the 24 of the South Keeling islets are inhabited, with a combined population of 600 people. Located between Australia and Sri Lanka, the islands have served a historically tactical function given their proximity to the Indian Ocean and South China shipping routes, and the presence of a major communication station on Direction Island vied for during both World Wars.



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