Random Things You Didn’t Know

Random Things You Didn’t Know


How have you lived this long without seeing a walrus sleeping on a submarine?

All of these are picture based so there’s really no excuse to refrain from spending the roughly two minutes it’ll take to learn everything. We expect you to nod your head slightly and say, “hmm,” or “oh, so that’s what that looks like,” in a mildly amused tone quite a few times throughout this post.

Let’s do this.

TK TK gifs

1. This is how sperm whales sleep.

Discovery Channel video.

2. This is how double decker buses are tested.

Bus tilt testing video.

3. This is what Mars would look like if it still had water.

Article from The Atlantic.

4. This is how zoologists weigh tiny birds.

The bird is a java sparrow and it’s being weighed at Chester Zoo in England.

5. This is how Amazon ships bubble wrap.

Order some for yourself.

6. This is how pineapples grow.

If you love pineapples, here are some more “mind-boggling” facts.

7. This is how Google does “street view” in the Arctic.

This is the Canadian Arctic. It’s also sometimes done by foot.

8. This is what we’d see if Saturn was as close as the Moon.

More planets.

9. This is how snow is cleared off train tracks in Alaska.

These things have been around for awhile.

10. This is how wood chips are unloaded from trucks.

Video of this in action.

11. This is the first alligator with a prosthetic tail.

The alligator’s name is “Mr. Stubbs.”

12. This is how a Protestant and Catholic couple were buried since neither could be buried in the other Church’s graveyard.

The gravesite is in the Netherlands.

13. This is the Super Bowl confetti shaped like the Lombardi trophy.


According to The Onion, the confetti was “made entirely from shredded concussion studies.”

Image: Getty

14. This is what Mt. Rushmore was supposed to look like.

This scale model shows the level of detail they wanted. Too bad they ran into some serious funding troubles.

15. This is how the elevator works in St. Louis’ Gateway Arch.


Video of someone riding up the elevator.

Image: National Park Service

16. This is how a starfish eats an anchovy.


Video of a starfish eating.

Image: Flickr user Elton Lin

17. This is what 20 minutes of fireworks being set off at once looks like.

It was a big mistake. It happened in San Diego in 2012.

18. This is the inside of an Amazon warehouse.

The warehouse is in Wales.

19. This is tonic water under a blacklight.

Here’s how to make glow in the dark drinks.

20. This is what Barbie would look like with normal proportions.

The Vice President of Design at Mattel, Kimberly Culmone, recently said, “Barbie was never designed to be realistic.” That obviously didn’t go over well.




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