Woman Undergoes Surgery After Awkward Sex; Advises Couples to Avoid Mistake

We’ve all heard of terrifying stories over the years. We’ve seen x-rays on TV. We can clearly recall in the movie, “Jackass,” when one of its actors, Ryan Dunn, had a toy car shoved up his rear end.  Deep down, we all know that shoving anything in one’s body can lead it to get stuck. At some point, for good (gasp!).

One unfortunate incident happened to a student-teacher in England. The problem? The vibrator was lodged all the way up her poop chute. The British woman, who goes by the name Emma Phillips, miraculously had a vibrator stuck all the way up her rear after taking part in a “Saturday playtime” session with her husband one morning. It would appear to be a sad tale for the teacher, but somehow, it all came to one happy (and relieved) ending.

7. The Pink Vibrator Went Missing

Emma was looking all over the bed for the little play thing. What happened next was a complete surprise. As she leaned on her stomach, she felt the vibrator buzzing — inside her. Apparently, it was stuck all the way down that, at one point, she felt it rubbing on her hip.

6. She Suddenly Felt It Inside Her

As Emma pressed her stomach, she felt an object in her body. The couple desperately tried to pull it out themselves. Still no luck. Emma described how her husband used a plethora of options including a pitchfork handle from the kitchen.

5. Kitchen Utensils a No-No

The couple vowed to not use the utensil again. At one moment, the handle did nothing but made things worse. Obviously, the object was far too deep to be taken out manually. Slightly embarrassed of the incident that she got herself into, she strongly felt going to the hospital was the only reasonable solution.

4. Surgery Was the Only Option

Who would’ve expected a playful Saturday morning to turn into a one-day hospital romp? The couple never expected their vibrator to be stuck in one’s body. Let alone up in her bowel. What’s worse, the toy kept vibrating before and during surgery!

3. A Minute-and-a-Half Surgical Procedure

Emma encourages other adventurous couples to ask for help immediately if something like a toy is lodged in their body. While such scenario is a taboo in today’s world, it’s a matter of keeping one safe. Emma and her husband quickly decided to get medical help after seeing the funny side of it all.

2. Discharged Hours Later

After a terrible Saturday morning, Emma was admitted to a local hospital. She went through a quick surgery which involved inserting a camera down her throat. The surgeon had to do that while pressing her stomach before extracting the vibrator manually. By early evening, she signed the discharge papers and left the hospital.

1. Never Again!

Before leaving the hospital, the doctor who operated on her tried to give the toy back to Emma, who ended up dumping it in the nearest trash bin a short time later. She realized that “playtime” doesn’t have to involve shoving a foreign object up her behind.

She immediately went to see her baby daughter and reassured everyone that she’s recovering well. In light of the event, Emma is now raising awareness to anyone who’s in a similar situation as she was. She’s encouraging everyone to get the medical help they need. While Emma does see the funny side of it, it’s hardly a laughing matter if it winds up becoming a bedtime story for her two-year-old daughter. But then again, the incident itself could be a story worth telling on her daughter’s 18th birthday. If there was ever a lesson worth remembering, this particular incident should be on her top five.