27 Awesome Food Hacks

1. Brilliant idea for breakfast

2. Cheesy bread hack

3. Perfect ice cream sandwiches everytime

4. Use an electric knife to remove the kernels

5. Easy cheese sticks

6. Melted banana split

7. Pancake pops

8. This is going to change everything

9. Brilliant

10. Bacon pancakes

11. I need to try this

12. Dental floss can perfectly cut soft solids

13. Use an empty ketchup bottle for your pancake mix

14. Make your fingers wet before removing shell pieces

15. Goodbye sticky hands

16. For a perfect Bacon Lettuce Tomato sandwich

17. This is genius

18. Hold your taco with a fork

19. Use a balloon to shape a chocolate bowl

20. Chocolate-cream trick

21. Bacon cinnamon roll

22. Use a apple corer to make french fry wedges

23. Lemon flowers24

24. Summer covers for your drinks

25. Sticks made easy

26. Use your cheap hangers as clips

27. Mandarin orange strip


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