You Might Be In The Ghetto If……

Some helpful hints and tips to let you know you just might be in the Ghetto.


ghetto-hair-salonHair Salons are everywhere.



white castleYou can handle the wedding and reception at the same time.


air conditionerYour car and your house use the same air conditioner.


Airwreck-CarCrashyYou can double as an air freshener.


babyYou pickin up the baby so Bae can go to work.


fairyThe Tooth Fairy is real


strollerStrollers are homemade


gold teethYou don’t need dental insurance


dancerThis is your live entertainment


boat poolThis is the public pool


skittle-dress-ratchetRecycling is a must


pregnant smokeParenting at it’s finest



shit bearYou can get those “must have” gifts



goldSigns like this are everywhere



cupsPeople don’t use cups



chickenThis works


funny-ghetto-marge-simpson-01Marge Simpson isn’t just a cartoon





weaveYou’ve seen a tumbleweave