We Built a Swimming Pond!

Anyone can build a swimming pool in their back yard, but it takes a special kind of person to build a swimming pond in their back yard. Never heard of a swimming pond before? Prepare yourself, it’s a phenomenal idea that this unique family embraced. They constructed one in their own yard and the results were more epic than you could ever imagine.

This is what the yard looked like in 2011.

A Redditor’s dad decided he wanted to build a swimming pond for his family, with his son and daughter’s help.

Getting started with the excavator and attachment hire.

There a lot of digging to be done, no matter how dirty the job was.

(Although this looks kind of fun.)

A view of the house and construction from the back yard.

Everyone helped out, even little sister.

The digging was finally complete.

Then, it was time to add the layers of felt and plastic to the bottom of the pond.

These barrels were used for circulating the water through the pond’s filtration system.

Then, they added the large decorative rocks to the deepest part of the pond.

That would have been a long, long day.

Finally finished adding rocks and the base layer of stone.

Adding water to the pond…

The pond even had 2 built-in lights for night swimming.

The next spring (2012) it was time to oxygenating and floating pond plants and other decorations to the pond.

They planned to enclose the area with a custom patio.

A view from the new patio.


After seeing this, it would be hard to be satisfied with just a normal pond in the back yard.

The coolest part about this project isn’t the finished project (although it is beautiful). The dad who led the project works in IT and his son is a business student. They weren’t experts in the Swimming Pond Construction field, but they still did a wonderful job. Source: Reddit Every minute spent on this project was worth it. If you like it, share it with others!