Umbrella Loving Squirrel

This Umbrella Loving Squirrel May Be The Best Thing You’ll See This Week

Squirrels are probably the cutest fluffiest creatures living in London and if there’s one thing that can make animals even more adorable, it’s posing with human objects. A London photographer got a squirrel to hold an umbrella in the rain, and it might just be the best thing I’ve seen all week.

Max Ellis tried to entice the fluff ball by handing up the tiny umbrella on a fishing line and covering it with peanut butter and sunflower seeds. Unfortunately, squirrels aren’t very fond of rain but eventually one was too curious to stay away.


As the rain got heavier, the squirrel stayed under the umbrella for about six minutes before giving up and heading off.


The photographer said: ‘I considered building a covered walkway from their tree because I was getting cramp crouching behind the camera.’


We all know it rains sometimes in London (who am I kidding, it rains all the time) and squirrels should learn from this and start carrying around an umbrella. How cute would that be?