Surprise Party! Craigery Morgan, SNL Original Skit, side by side.

Craigery Morgan is a 24-year-old aspiring comedic actor. His bio says, “As a kid, I was constantly making home movies on my own and with my friends…not only acting out skits I admired from my comedy inspirations like Kristin Wiig, but also creating characters and impersonations of my own. I’m constantly challenging myself creatively to come up with new voices and characters! It’s my dream to one day be a cast member on Saturday Night Live and bring laughter to a large audience.”

We recently posted his take on the SNL Skit, “Surprise Party” and it was a huge hit! Unfortunately a lot of people didn’t get the reference. After much scouring of the interwebz we found a mash up that will let you all know where it comes from. Enjoy.


We think he’s brilliant!!

Check out is Facebook page and Website.


Recently we found out that Craigery is ill and needs a kidney:



Viral Sensation Craigery Morgan Needs A

Kidney & Your Help!


See, Craigery gave us a lot of laughs–or at the very least put a smile on our faces and now he needs something in return. Craigery needs a kidney, guys.

On his GoFundMe page Craigery shares the details of his current health crisis; here’s an excerpt:

Several months ago, I woke up a random Sunday morning. I rubbed my eyes a few time to clear up the blurriness like I do every morning, but this time it didnt go away. Over the next number of weeks, I noticed my vision continuously get worse and worse to the point of where I was unable to read, drive, recognize faces, or see anything on my phone or computer without zooming in. Not only that, but I would begin throwing up in the morning and get terrible migraine headaches. I would start coughing and gagging for no reason at all and I had to stop working out because I would get so nauseous. I began dropping weight at an alarming rate. I eventually went to a doctor. When they checked my blood pressure at rest, it was 200/144. Both the nurse and doctor were shocked I hadn’t had a stroke or heart attack. They gave me meds and took blood for lab testing.

The next day, I recieved a voicemail from the doctor. He explained to me that based on my blood results, my kidneys were only working at 5%. He referred me to nephrologist and they admitted me to the hospital. They were able to get my blood pressure stabilized (I’m on a lot of medication for it) however they weren’t sure about the kidneys.

They performed a biopsy on the kidney and found a lot of scarring on the tissue. Based on the findings, they declared that there is little to no chance my kidneys will improve and be fully functional.

The doctors said I’ll soon have to start dialysis in a few weeks and then register my name on a transplant list.

Scary stuff, right??

​Craigery’s asking for help as he funds his transplant procedure and gets back on the road to a full recovery and a healthy happy life.

Want to help?? Donate at his GoFundMe page and spread the word!

Let’s help him get back on track, Instincters!

Source: Youtube and Instinctmagazine