She Mixes 12 Jolly Ranchers With ONLY Vodka.

She Mixes 12 Jolly Ranchers With ONLY Vodka. Now See What Happened After 24 Hours.

Watch as Tipsy Bartender show you how to make your own flavored vodka.

Flavored vodkas are all the rage lately, and we have recently discovered that they’re not all that difficult to make actually! In the video below here at AllViralPosts, the crew over at Tipsy Bartender walks us through a video step by step the process of making Jolly Rancher-flavored vodka. This easy process also works with Skittles, but Jolly Ranchers are just easier and require less preparation.

We love video tutorials especially when it comes to Life Hacks and excited when it comes to Alcohol Hacks! View the below video and try it out yourself.. Your going to love them.