Guys Describe a Vagina

This week the men of Booze Lightyear take the time to describe the female genitalia to you – aka the vagina. The female form is quite the phenomenon – you can look here to see for yourself. A big thanks to Epic Lloyd from Epic Rap Battles of History for helping us out with such a daunting task. Now you may have asked yourself in the past: How many handsome geniuses does it take to describe a vagina? I mean, we’ve all browsed sites like at the very least… Well, now you know that it takes at least four. We probably could’ve described a vagina to you using only three people, but Epic Lloyd had the flu so we called Lu and Carlos in to be his vagina-describing wingmen. Turns out, Lloyd didn’t really need a wingman. See, he minored in Vaginal Descriptions back in college and graduated with honors. True story. It does seem however that they could have benefited watching a few videos over at Nu Bay Pussy, a quick refresher course couldn’t have done any harm.

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