Easy, Cheap DIY Projects

I love “do it yourself” projects. I also love Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, Estate Sales etc…. Cruising the interwebz I come across a ton of DIY projects with links attached that always seem to lead me to, “click here to purchase”. Some of them are ok, while some are fairly expensive so I decided to look for more “wallet friendly” projects. Here’s what I found. Have fun!

Simple Loaf Pan Refurb


loaf pan

Candlestick + Loaf pan = Awesome Sauce! It was so simple to make and only took about 30 minutes to make, not including the time for the E6000 to dry. All you need is some spray paint, steel wool, matte clear coat, and some super strong glue like E6000.

Spray paint both pieces and let it dry. Then go over them with the steel wool until you have the desired amount of rustic charm. Dust off any steel wool pieces and powder from sanding it. Once that is done, spray it with your clear coat. Let that dry, then glue the pieces together. I will say that since the loaf pan is light, put something heavy in the pan while the glue is drying. I put some rocks in mine to hold it down to the candlestick. Wait until its completely dry before you move it.

Get more great ideas like this at liverandomlysimple

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover


athomewiththebarkers says:I love to take something that no longer looks stylish and make it new again.

This thrift store lamp makeover was perfect!

AND lamps are expensive…have you priced them lately?

I found this beauty a few years ago for about $5…She looked like this…

Get the full, easy directions and more great ideas HERE.

Chalkboard Serving Trays

Another SUPER easy project: chalkboard serving trays. Really, no tutorial needed here, simply take your favorite tray (you can find these at thrift stores) and paint with chalkboard paint. It’s that easy! {source: Signature Style}

You can pick up chalkboard paint as cheap as $5 a can.


Thrifted Chalkboard Napkin Rings


Jami over at An Oregon Cottage says:

Thrift store + a little diy = cool handmade gift. I tell you, that equation is just about my favorite! But don’t think that also equals ‘used gift’ because these are things you will be proud to give – in fact they are all knockoff’s of much higher priced catalog items!

Check out the LINK to get complete, easy directions and see how she prices out DIY vs buying online.

DIY Night Light for Under $10


Jessica from Mom 4 Real says:

This month I am sharing a super fun and inexpensive DIY Night Light that I made for my daughter Kate! I am on a mission to find simple DIY projects that anyone can do for under $20…
Get the full easy directions and more great ideas at Remodelaholic.

DIY Book Headboard

(This may possibly be my favorite one)



Kassandra at Design every day says:

It took as about 4 days to put it all together but most that time was spent sourcing the materials so if you were smart about it (and know where to get things – unlike us) then you could do it in a day easy and once your finished you’ll have a good headboard that you can read from your Leesa mattress. To start this project I needed a lot of books – I tried yard sales first but ended up finding all my books at thrift stores. Some stores charge way more than others for the books, so I set myself a budget of $1 per book.

Get Get the full easy directions and more great ideas at designeveryday

Suitcase Nightstand


Gladiator Wrap Sandals

With Summer Knocking on the Door, these are too cute and simple.
Simple Directions Here.

Patio Umbrella Multi-Use Storage Holder

bundt pan

So many ideas come to mind with using a bundt pan for your outdoor patio umbrella. Flowers, small plants, condiment holder etc… Just remember if you’re using it for live plants, drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage. Although, for DIY tasks like this, I would recommend using a rugged plasma cutters to make it much easier to drill the holes.