20+ Unbelievable Secrets The Producers Of “Grease” Hid From Fans

A Cultural Change

While in the stage version, Sandy is an American girl with the last name of “Dumbrowski”, directors decided to make her Australian after the decision to cast Australian native Olivia Newton-John was made.

Safety First

The plastic wrap that Travolta is holding in the “Greased Lightning” sequence was actually representative of condoms. Go figure.


Burger Palace Boys

T-Birds weren’t supposed to be called T-Birds. In fact, the broadway musical coined the gang with the name, “Burger Palace Boys”

John Travolta Also Played as Doody

Yup, you heard that right. John Travolta was cast as Doody (not Danny) in the broadway musical, “Grease.” Several other characters from the famous film also starred as other characters in the musical.