20+ Unbelievable Secrets The Producers Of “Grease” Hid From Fans

A Major Brand Was Dropped From The Film

Coca-Cola had a product placement deal with the movie, but it fell through during production. It was too late take the products out, so they blurred out all Coca-Cola appearances.

There’s a Nod To James Dean

Danny’s blue wind-breaker was meant to be a nod to James Dean.


Cha Cha Had A Scary Medical Emergency During Filming

Cha Cha aka Anette Charles was hospitalized during filming. She checked herself out to film the drag racing scene. She had to have emergency surgery that night for an ectopic pregnancy.

Olivia Newton-John Almost Didn’t Take The Part

Olivia Newton John wasn’t sure she could pass for a high school student, so she asked for a screen test first. After seeing that she played a convincing high-schooler, she took the part.